Monday, May 7, 2012

Cycling: Back in the Saddle

Post-Postings 3 May 2012:

I’m riding my bike now. Very exhilarating, freeing. Yesterday I rode 5 miles.  With my big toe, still very sore I was very careful about putting a gym shoe on. I met with David, the captain of the AA riding team. He adjusted the handle bars, sprayed my chain will lubrication and showed me how to properly use the gears on my bike. He reminded me to breathe through my nose, which could eventually cause my  nose bleed I know. But he said it would stop after I was breathing regularly through my nose.  I met two other AA women, it was inspiring to see other AA women riding as well.  I have my helmet, lights, seat and some sports glasses now. My next goal is to purchase the black riding shorts, get a pump for my bike, tool kit, gloves and a good water bottle for my bike. I don’t know if I need a kick stand or not.

8:30am Today, I’m going riding before work. I had a bowl of oatmeal with a few sprinkles of almonds and cranberries and a bottle of water.  I will be back in an hour. Shower for work, and leave for work about 11 am. I don’t know what happened to my headphones but it seems like I need to buy another pair AGAIN. UGH!

10:24am Wow! I’m back. I rode 8 miles on my Trek this morning, had I used the Roadmaster it would have taken me an hour, today 30 minutes! And I was  riding slowly, huffing and puffing all the way!

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