Monday, May 7, 2012

Cycling: Heart of Cycling

Post-Posting for Feburary
John Bingham captures my heart very well in this quote from an article he wrote:
“A race doesn’t allow you to hide from the challenges of the event or from your own limitations. You can lie all you want before the race but when the gun goes off, the truth comes out an you can’t be anything other than what you are.”
For a quarter of a century, I have hidden in the shadow of another person’s goals and dreams. On my sash of pride, I have collected supporting badges from persons to agencies.  Weekly, I receive calls from people thanking me for being there for them and loyally supporting their cause.
It didn’t make a difference it was a start up church or business, I was supportive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to help others out. Yet, my level of help was unbalanced as a flat tire. I never valued myself enough to believe in completing my own dreams and goals. I prided myself on being the helpful servant to others, all the while denying myself of the same sense of accomplishment that others were establishing. My dreams sat on the bench of life, waiting to be called into the game. There was always a reason an excuse for why they just sat there. Oh my work hours, oh the kids are too young, oh I’m busy helping out…
Today It’s different. For once in my life I’ve thrown my dreams out in to the cold water. Sink or swim. I’ve spoke it to enough people, where I can’t back down with out shame or excuses.   My fears, doubts of my decisions to participate in a triathlon were confirmed by Ironman Chef Joe Bastianich.
“Once you get into endurance sports, especially triathlon, it becomes a lifestyle. It’s a different way of looking at work, life and relationships.  There’s perseverance, patience, focus and a goal-oriented disposition.  It plays into the same formula for success, whatever you apply it to in life.”

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